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GBBO Episode 9: Baklava, Schichttorte And Entremets


star baker richard again

This week was the semi-final. The ninth week, four bakers remaining and over 2000 eggs used this series. Tonight’s episode specialised in beautiful patisserie. To start us off the signature bake was a sticky Turkish Baklava. The bakers had 3 ½ hours to complete two different Baklavas, 24 altogether. The task was to create a sweet treat of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts, held together with syrup or honey. Richard kept it simple with an original pistachio nut and rose syrup Baklava. Chetna experimented with her flavours this week and her twist was a cocoa flavoured filo pastry. Nancy’s Baklavas were a bit soggy and too pale for the judges liking but had a strong flavour of coffee which was favoured by Mary and Paul. Richard’s cut well and looked original and the pistachios cut to a good size. Mary liked the nuts big. Even though Luis’ were beautifully done, the filo just wasn’t quite right this week. Chetna’s cocoa filo went down well with a good colour but like Luis’, no layers.

he's actually counting themTonight’s technical was rather strange; normally under my grill is golden cheese on toast, not a cake! Schichttorte, a German grilled cake with 20 layers and a glossy chocolate glaze is one of Paul’s recipes – he was testing their concentration skills. The women this week struggled with getting the full 20 layers but Luis executed it stunningly. In the warm tent they struggled to get the glaze to sit well on the Schichttorte. Nancy’s was a bit too warm causing the chocolate glaze to slip down the sides and not cover evenly. Chetna fell short, by about three layers, this put her at risk as the judges were testing them on their skills on timing and precision. Richard met the 20 layer mark but his were too thin. Luis came first with an almost faultless grilled cake. 20 layers, good height and the perfect distinguishing alternating dark and light layers.

The showstopper was intense this week. Intense. In tents. The second to last showstopper was 24 entremets. The judges are testing their detail and precision skills with this complex bake.  Luis’ Entremets: Cherry & Chocolate Mousse and Pomegranate, Fig & Pistachio. Nancy’s Entremets: Raspberry Nonnettes and Lime & Passion Fruit. Richard’s Entremets: Hazelnut Mocha and Pink Grapefruit. Chetna’s Entremets: six layers of Chocolate, Orange &  Nut  and Chocolate & Cappuccino. No, Richard wasn’t putting Nurofen in his tonight; it was a grapefruit red spotted sponge that looked exceptional. His hazelnut mocha ones had brilliant layers. Sadly, Chetna’s chocolate & orange Entremets lacked orange flavour which was unusual for her. Nancy’s had a pretty design when cut and had a refreshing taste, the chocolate and lime worked perfectly but the aesthetics weren’t too great this time. Luis’ bright green pistachio sponge look sensational if a little to thick but had a lovely glaze. Every week Richard excels himself and he did just that this week with the subtle colours in his grapefruit showstopper and delicious nut coming through on the hazelnut one.

It’s no surprise to us that this week Richard was crowned star baker for the 5th time, his creations always look delightful. It was sad to see Chetna leave the tent, her crazy flavour combinations always seemed to excite the judges. Next week is the final week when we will find out who will be 2014’s great British baker.

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One Response to 'GBBO Episode 9: Baklava, Schichttorte And Entremets'

  1. Alison says:

    It was a nail biting episode, so close between the ladies. Looking forward to the final
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