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GBBO Episode 4: Things Heat Up With Baked Alaskas And A Freezer Mix Up!


Some people need to get their just desserts, don’t they? Mentioning no names….… have I Diana? More on that later. It’s definitely getting hotter in the tent for week four and it was already steamy in there too. Ooh dear. We are all getting our knickers in a twist this week, whether it’s the contestants or it’s the viewers looking at Paul Hollywood and his growing girth, too many tarts Paul!

The first challenge was to make eight identical saucy puddings, who doesn’t like a bit of sauce? Each one needed to be moist in the middle, ooer ok, enough now.

The saucy filling in the middle this week was in Paignton, Devon. We learnt about the pyramid pudding which was a spotty dick which was made for a special occasion, the arrival of a train, I think we get equally excited today to see a train arrive, alas on time. It did look yummy though.

Back to the first challenge. Richard’s black forest fondants were a proper sauced pudding; Chetna’s rhubarb, strawberry and orange pudding – beautiful sponge, needed more sauce; Martha’s peanut butter chocolate fondant, splodged out on the plate; Luis’ pears in puddings, sauce at the bottom, too runny; Nancy’s pistachio puddings with chocolate sauce, which wasn’t saucy; Iain’s chocolate, lime and raspberry fondants – well liked; Kate’s chocolate and salted caramel molten puddings, rich and dark, well baked; Norman’s mini sticky toffee puddings had proper sauce but not attractive and lastly Diana’s orange and lemon curd pots, lovely flavour.

The technical challenge was to make Mary Berry’s tiramisu which consists of chocolate, brandy and coffee. Bakers needed to bake sponge, slice in half, layer with mascarpone cheese and soak in coffee and brandy, dust with cocoa power and decorate with chocolate shapes. All sounds simple and straightforward enough doesn’t it? Oh yes!

Some were presented better than others, well some looked like car crashes. Briefly the results are as follows: Chetna – good chocolate equal layers; Iain – good rise, not clear lines, messy; Luis – good line, good chocolate; Norman – no lines no coffee; Richard – good and neat, dripping; Diana – collapsed in middle, not a good rise; Kate – messy, not strong enough coffee; Nancy – good layers, not soaked through and finally Martha – precise even layers well done from Mary.

Ready for the show stopper and it really was a show stopper. I paused several times to actually take in the blow by blow carnage that was today’s final challenge. Paul gave instructions to make a decorated and baked Alaska which needed to stand out and be well presented, not presented via bin. The remaining bakers were sweating it out in the tent on the hottest day of the year, phew! The designs were as follows: Diana – swan shaped Alaska; Norman – baked Alaska surprise; Martha – key lime pie inspired, coconut ice cream; Chetna – mango, rapsberry and coconut; Iain – black sesame seed ice cream and cocoa sponge; Nancy – summer pudding Alaska, berry ripple; Kate – pistachio, raspberry and chocolate; Richard – tiramisu with lady fingers and Luis – baked Alaska, apricot sorbet and raspberry yoghurt, almond sponge

Nine bakers baked but only eight bakers presented their desserts. Due to a mix up with the use of freezers Iain threw an Alaskan sized wobbly which was well deserved. With careful editing it did indeed look like Diana was at fault, how biased did the editors want it to be? She should have swanned off!

Richard is star baker, how could he not be, and obviously bad behaviour is not rewarded and so Iain left the tent forever.


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