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GBBO Episode 2: Biscuits, Italian Ice cream and Zigzagged Bottoms

GBBO - Paul and Mary

Week two and we’re down to 11 bakers. It’s biscuit week, always a favourite nibble of mine, maybe it should be described as hairy week. There has been an abundance of online chatter about the hygiene risks that Iain’s beard proposes. Jordan’s has a pony tail and wore a trendy orange hair clip with nonchalance. Martha, the youngest contestant ever in the history of GBBO sported a loose plait which required her to regularly tuck the loose strands behind her ears. Paul Hollywood without doubt is a Silver fox and Mary Berry was neatly coiffured in her trendy ‘Blake’s 7’ jacket. That aside we are given regular sweeping panoramic views of the white tent situated in an over grown field. Hot favourite is Richard, with his ever present builders pencil tucked behind his ear. Ready to give a quote suggested Sue, although he had his hands full with dough and couldn’t think figures.

Each produced 36 cheesy biscuits from well tested recipes in a high intensive kitchen complete with intrusive cameras. Richard’s were nice to go with cheese, Jordan’s were a bit burnt in taste, Chetna was aromatic, Luis’ uniform and tasty with Olives although three minutes away from perfection. Diana needed more help, Martha’s original biscuits looked ‘like a line of soldiers’, Kate had a soggy middle, Iain was too powerful with flavour, Enwezor good texture but bang on for flavour, Nancy was crisp enough for Mary, Norman had good texture and was professional, even Sue said his could be sold.

In the informative section Sue told us about Italians who migrated to Britain for a better life and sold their dairy products, nothing new there, and the necessary invention of the ice cream cone. A penny lick off the streets was replaced by the selling ice cream in specially made twist cones moulded around filed down chair legs, all due to the prevention spread of fatal and infectious diseases, who knew?

The best part, the technical challenge, bakers compete equally. Paul nibbled on a Florentine stating they needed to have lacy edges with chocolate zigzagged across their bottoms. Mary said she liked a good forking and Paul nibbled on the bakers’ efforts. The bakers sat on their chairs waiting to be scored. Richard, still with pencil, won that challenge.

Show-stopper challenge! Bakers were instructed to make 3d biscuit design in 4 hours, it needed to stand up in more ways in one. Jaw dropping is one cliché to describe the complicated intricate designs. The results and comments are as follows: Iain, cowboy scene, nice flavour odd colour green; Diana, a train, could be neater; Richard, pirates, well liked; Jordan, a monster, nice flavour, but a mess; Chetna, seaside, burnt, good design; Nancy, Hansel & Gretal, well liked all over; Kate’s, tea time, tasty, good design clever; Enwezor, spaceship, needed to be cooked longer; Luis, George & dragon, crisp nice flavour; Norman, Zulu boats, good biscuit, simple and Martha, ski village, crisp tasty. Luis and Richard winners with flavours and design

Star baker…… Richard! Well deserved too.

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