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Fun for kids and grownups, make your own ice lollies!


What is the easiest way to get healthy food in to kids? Well you could lie them I suppose but not everyone is comfortable with that. The proper way of course is to disguise them or make them really fun.

So that brings us to the video below where the real simple method of creating your own ice lollies is shown. In the video the presenter uses moulds to get the shape and she says you can get them on Amazon.

Well, Amazon has loads and you can find all sorts of ice lolly moulds in many shapes and sizes. You are bound to find a set or two that suits.

The recipe also calls for a sweetener, in the video agave is used with honey and other given as replacements. I didn’t know to much about agave so please take a read of is agave good or bad? on Elana’s Pantry blog and make your own choices.

The video comes from Weelicicous

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