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Food Fight! Which Of These Sausage Recipes Do You Think Is Best?

food fight sausage recipes

What’s a food fight you may ask, especially when it comes to sausage recipes? Well, at this time of year, a lovely British banger is exactly what you need. It may be raining outside, or possibly snowing but everything is made better with a lovely meaty sausage! The question is though, how best to cook them? I’ve selected two recipes that I think does justice to the British banger and you can decide which one is the best!

The first is from Jamie Oliver and one of his rustic recipes. As ever, plenty of olive oil and tomatoes. The second comes via Waitrose, sadly the chef/presenter is not credited but I do love the recipe.

Personally I love sausage casseroles. Fresh veg, some lentils and plenty of patience. You don’t hurry a good casserole! Mind you, cooking them in an oven can give you massive flavour!

To find out who wins this food fight, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Who will you choose – Jamie Oliver’s recipe or the one from Waitrose?

Let battle commence!

Oven Baked Sausage Ragu

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