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Pointy Carrots And Spiral Cucumbers – 5 Kitchen Gadgets That Add The Final Flourish


Have you ever wondered how to get carrot shavings so thin that it comes out in curls? Or how they make courgettes in to spiral? Knife skills are important but so are those tiny cheap gadgets that add the final flourish. If you want to something that will slice up a radish and give it curls or to put spirals into a cucumber – then look no further!

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5 Kitchen Gadgets That Add The Final Flourish

The carrot sharpener


If you want to serve pointy carrots or just want carrot shavings like you would get from a pencil then this tool is for you! Available on Amazon at £1.08

The cucumber spiralizer


This handy kitchen tool will make spirals out of your cucumbers, carrots and courgettes! Bargain price of £1.39 on Amazon UK – go get it!

The Stainless Vegetable Carrot Crinkle Wavy Potato Chip Dough Cutter Blade Slicer


Don’t you just love the names given to these tools. So if you haven’t guessed, this tool cuts with crinkles. Perfects for pastry, potatoes and yes – even carrots! Available on Amazon for £3.69

The amazing radish cutter


At first look, you would have no idea what it was for. You may guess it’s a tool of torture of some kind but you would be wrong. It’s for radishes. Yes really! Available on Amazon for £11.95

The hand held – hand powered veggy chopper


This looks to be the most useful kitchen tool of those mentioned here. It can chop up vegetables just with the power of your own hand. Great for salads and coleslaw. Available on Amazon for £11.99

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