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5 Hearty Breakfasts That Will Keep You Warm on Cold Winter Mornings


Image used with permission – Belgian Foodie

During the winter months, you really need a good start to the day. A good hearty breakfast packed with energy will keep you going right till lunchtime. But it doesn’t have to be a good old fashioned fry up! You should be trying to make your own breakfast, and not go through the experience The Fry Up Inspector went through with the Tesco All Day Breakfast frozen ready meal!

Porridge is a popular choice, so are muffins. I’ve found a few ideas that include the traditional but stretches them further to something that is so much better!

Noshing with the Noland’s  – Zucchini Carrot Breakfast Muffins

These were really amazing and stocked full of healthy ingredients. I so looked forward to having one every morning. They stayed fresh and moist for days!! I knew I was feeding myself and my family a very wholesome breakfast! There are lots that goes into these muffins but don’t let that scare you off, each one of them add so much to these muffins.

Lavender and Lovage – Cappuccino Pancakes with Bananas for Breakfast Week

My “to-go-to” breakfast during the week is nearly always a bowl of porridge – I am a porridge lover and a bowl of creamy cooked oats with syrup, honey and/or fresh fruit is usually what I plump for Monday to Friday.

Recipes from the Pantry – Breakfast Porridge With Roasted Blood Oranges

During the winter, porridge is a breakfast favourite around here. There is nothing like the feeling, when you have to go out into the cold all morning, of being full of substantial, high GI food. Especially for the kiddoes who burn up so much energy. I know they are not going to come banging on the door an hour after breakfast saying ‘I am hungry mama’.

Belgium Foodie – Oatmeal Porridge: A Healthy Breakfast

The one constant I’ve had over the years with respect to food has been my eating oatmeal porridge in the morning for breakfast. I don’t eat it every day, but do eat it a few times a week, at least. I love that it fills me up, helps start the day with energy, is inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Jamie Oliver – Mexican breakfast

The Mexican name for this dish is ‘huevos rancheros’ and not only is it a breakfast for champions, it’s also the ultimate hangover cure.

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