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Five Great Recipe Ideas That You Can Make And Serve This Easter

lindt cake

Easter is coming and if you are looking for some great ideas then this is the post for you. Some of our favourite food bloggers have been really creative and have agreed to share their ideas with you. From Easter Egg desserts to lamb shanks, there’s something here that I am sure you will love.

My personal favourites are the lamb shank from Deon and the Chocolate Krispies Easter Nest from Janice. Though I am more than tempted by Alison’s creme egg inspired mouse!

Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust

Cadbury Creme Egg Inspired Mousse


It always makes me smile that practically the minute Christmas is over, Cadbury Creme Eggs start appearing in the shops. It almost feels like we are living our lives from one celebration to the next. When I was younger I used to love creme eggs, happy to eat as many as I could lay my hands on. Now I am older I think my tastes have changed. They are nice as an occasional treat but I find them really sweet. My son however loves them and could eat loads. This weekend I had a flash of inspiration and decided to make an Easter dessert. I made Cadbury Creme Egg Inspired Mousse.

Deon from FoodJam

Moroccan Lamb Shank


If you are stuck what to make at Easter, traditionally a time for Lamb, then these Moroccan Lamb Shanks are for you, a little bit of time on Easter Sunday, then you can forget about it for 9 hours. What more could you ask for? What do you normally make on Easter, are you more of a traditionalist who prefers a nice roast leg of lamb? Or do you go out to eat? What do you like to bake? Do you make your own hot cross buns? My husband does, but due to lack of time I haven’t managed to blog those yet so you will need to wait for next year.

Lindt Chocolate Cake

lindt cake

As a result at the end of Christmas and Easter I normally have a glut of chocolate which because I have eaten so much, means that actually I really can’t face it anymore. Enter then this Lindt Chocolate cake, it uses melted chocolate in the actual cake, and uses lots of melted chocolate in the icing. Therefore a wonderful use of the chocolate which is sitting around the house, thus making you feel less guilty and using up the chocolate, win win in my mind.

Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen

Chocolate Krispies Easter Nest


I haven’t made Chocolate Krispies for a very long time, however I am expecting a visitor who cannot eat wheat, so I thought that these would be a nice treat and they are if you use reasonable quality chocolate.

Sticky Easter Buns


I’ve never been very satisfied with the Hot Cross Buns I’ve made at home, so this year I decided to try something a bit different. I like the idea of a rolled bun, like cinnamon buns, but with the flavours and filling that is reminiscent of a Hot Cross Bun. I made my dough in the bread maker, but if you don’t have one you could follow any sweet dough recipe directions.

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