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Five Great Pizza Recipes That Are Too Good To Miss!

great pizza recipes

A well made pizza is a thing of beauty. Simple toppings with great flavours. Not heaps of ingredients that end up making the base all soggy. There’s no excuse for it. We’ve had a rather long time to perfect the pizza. After all, it was mentioned back in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy. The most basic pizza, as mentioned on most menus, is the Neapolitan. In 2009 Italy’s requested that the Neapolitan pizza should be safeguarded in the European Union as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed dish. It’s a bit like ‘West Country farmhouse Cheddar cheese’ can only be called that because it is actually made in the west country – except Neapolitan pizza is not tied to an area. Confusing? Best you read this on Wikipedia.

The thing about pizza is that it’s fast food, and also a main course – plus it’s snack, something to eat while watching TV. When it comes down to it, it’s just one of those versatile ideas that’s become a cultural mainstream. For example, Pizza is available in North Korea, Brazil and Costa Rica – though toppings may vary wildly!

And of course, food bloggers have their own ideas on toppings and bases. If it wasn’t for these creative people, would we have pizza’s for people with food intolerances? Maybe…

Dairy and Yeast Free Pizza – Claire’s Quality Cakes

Are you allergic to dairy and yeast and miss yummy tasty food? After finding out almost 2 years ago, my diet has done a 180 – but for the better. I would never go back to eating dairy and yeast. So as part of our cake blog I’m adding a few personal touches. Here it is, it’s one of my favourites. Pizza, but not pizza but kinda tastes and looks like pizza but isn’t!

Italian Calzone – Stuffed Pizza Pasties – Lavender and Lovage

…after enjoying several Mediterranean cruises over the last two years, and having visited Italy several times, one recipe that captivated my taste-buds and imagination whist I was in Rome, Pisa and Florence, was the Italian Calzone – Stuffed Pizza Pasties.

Almost Homemade Pizza  – Home Made And Yummy

We love making homemade pizza. Sometimes the pizza urge happens, and I didn’t plan ahead to make some awesome dough. The next best thing is takeout right? Wrong!! This pizza is so easy and delicious, it’s almost homemade and SO much better than takeout!

Chicken and Avocado Pizza – Supper In The Suburbs 

We all know that traditional pizza involves a doughy base, smothered in delicious tomato sauce, topped with cheese and various other toppings. This variation isn’t too far from that: it has a doughy base, is smothered in sauce (just not a tomato one) and is topped with cheese, along with various other toppings! Surely that counts as a pizza…right?

Naan pizza – Cook Style

My husband loves pizza, so we have it regularly. I usually make the dough, but this time we wanted something different and much faster. It was the first time I’ve made Naan pizza. There are a lot of options for toppings to choose from and this time I’ve made it with veggie salami, cheese and mushrooms.

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4 Responses to 'Five Great Pizza Recipes That Are Too Good To Miss!'

  1. CookStyle says:

    Thank you for including my pizza in your list. They all seem yummy.
    CookStyle recently posted…Plantain oven baked chipsMy Profile

  2. Thanks but putting in my Almost Homemade Pizza in your list. It is a great “fast” way to have pizza without the work, and expense of takeout.

    • Bob Toovey says:

      Thanks for the comment Gloria – the fact it is an easy and quick recipe is one of the reasons it made the list!