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A Knife Is the Only Cutting Tool You Ever Need

When it comes to cooking, most of us like to buy plenty of different things to help us with preparing meals. We use spiralizers, we use shaving tools and we’ll even use a peeler. These are generally accepted as common kitchen tools, but we often forget about the most important and versatile in the kitchen: […]

Surprising Items That Should Not Be In Your Fridge!

When it comes to putting your food shopping away, ever wondered which items shouldn’t go in the fridge? If you are in doubt then the post at PureWow.com should help. From 9 Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate… Ever try to spread rock hard butter on a slice of toast? It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Here, […]

Top Up Your Vitamin D With The Right Food

You may of read in the newspapers this week that due to the poor UK weather, we are not getting enough vitamin D. It’s insufficient levels of UVB radiation that is causing the problem, not enough for the skin to synthesise the vital vitamin.  According to the Independent on Tuesday – Five ways to boost […]

When Is The Best Time To Eat A Banana To Get The Full Health Benefits?

When it comes to banana’s, we all assume that when they’re yellow it’s the best time to eat them. In the past I’ve bought them and eaten them when they are blemish free. However, that’s not the best time to eat them, not if you want the full health benefits. According to the Healthy Food […]

Three Great Kitchen Tips From Gordon Ramsay

Today we take a look at three great kitchen tips from Gordon Ramsay. In the following videos, he shows how to skin a salmon, separate a chicken and how to prepare prawns. All very handy skills, nothing too difficult and any aspiring chef should know them. Skin and de-bone a salmon In the first video, […]

How Long Can You Safely Freeze Food For?

Vicki at Five Spot Green Living recently posted a handy infographic from freezerlabels.net. It shows which food items can be frozen and for how long for. It also lists items that you shouldn’t freeze. In her post, Vicki gives some good advice… To make sure defrosted food is as fresh, nutritious and tasty as before […]

Don’t Throw Your Jars Away, Put Your Breakfast In Them!

Momma Cusine has posted a great tip on what to do with spare jars, you know – like empty jam jars etc. Instead of throwing them away, her idea is to turn them in to breakfast jars! Vintage jars are so trendy for it’s home grown appeal. Instead of going out to buy jars, why […]

The Essential Slow Cooker – Everything You Need To Know And More

Are slow cookers the best kitchen machine ever? Set them up in the morning and you come home from work with a cooked dinner ready to go. They can help reduce costs, save time and are fairly easy to look after. Shouldn’t you have one? Slow cookers (crock-pots if you are from USA or Canada), […]

Jamie Olivers Stir-Frying Tips

I love a good stir-fry and often use a fresh salmon fillet to go with all my stir-fry vegetables. It’s a really quick meal to make and is great for using up any vegetables you may have lurking in your fridge. However, do you know the best way to make use of your wok? In […]

5 Vinegars You Should Have In Your Kitchen Cupboard

It’s time to put that bottle of cheap white vinegar away and stock up with bottles that will give you some real taste! Did you know there are loads of different vinegars, including ones made from beer and coconut? White vinegar is made from distilled alcohol that is fermented and rather strong so it’s great […]