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Comments Wanted: What’s The Best Way To Preserve Chilies?

This weekend past, I visited my local supplier of exotic foods stuffs. I had run low on various things and it was time to stock up. For reasons unknown,¬†chilies are totally absent at my local market. If they do make an appearance then they are very expensive! To ensure that I have a some stock […]

Who Will Win The Great British Bake Off 2015?

This coming Wednesday (7th October) will see the final of The Great British Bake Off. It’s been a tough challenge and only three have made it to the end. Do they deserve their place? Will there be an unexpected outcome? We will all find out very soon. In the mean time, in your own considered […]

Tesco Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks, Do You Agree? [Poll]

This week, Tesco’s took the controversial decision to remove sugary drinks from their stores. This was reported by the Independent, Tesco to ban Ribena and Capri-Sun along with other sugary drinks to tackle obesity… Tesco has announced plans to axe sugary drinks, which would see some best-selling products by Ribena and Capri-Sun disappearing from shelves. […]

Marmite: Love It Like Taylor Swift Or Hate It Like Katie Hopkins?

Today we are asking the age old question, how do you feel about marmite? Either you love it or hate it, there really isn’t anything in between! Did you know that it was invented in the late 19th century by a German scientist called Justus von Liebig? Over the years a few slight changes have […]

Do You Know What Goes In To McDonald’s French Fries?

McDonald’s put out a video to answer a question about their french fries. An attempt I guess to make us feel better about eating them. However, I think it’s done the total opposite… Via BoingBoing – Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara reverse engineers McDonald’s fries and learns they have 19¬†ingredients

Bacon Butty’s, Red Sauce Or Brown?

For some reason, Saveur Magazine has become all excited about bacon. It ended 2014 with ‘Bacon and Egg Pie‘ and started 2015 with ‘Bacon Butty‘. Very commendable that they are mentioning something Us Brit’s have been eating for so long. After all, did we not invent the ‘bacon butty’? We’ve not been shy when it […]

Who is your favourite chef?

TV cookery shows are still as popular as ever, thanks to programs like MasterChef. Some of the chefs have sustained their stardom for many years while others have faded away from our screens to return to their restaurants and book writing. Cooks like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have had long careers in the kitchen […]

Would you go on a cookery course?

Many of us can learn something new from the TV. There are plenty of shows by top chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and of course Nigella Lawson. However, there is only so much you can pick up. If you love to cook then you might be considering a cookery course. Spending time with a […]

Survey: Where do you buy your fruit and veg?

We all know it’s important to get your five-a-day. Getting a good mix of fruit and vegetables is good for your health. It’s good for adults and for kids too. The question I would like to ask is, where do you buy yours? I try to buy as many of my vegetables as I can […]