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Steven Lamb’s Guide To Homemade Curing: Prosciutto Style Ham, Salami and Pancetta

Nothing tastes better than something you have made yourself. That includes curing and preserving your own meats. Steve Lamb from River Cottage, is an expert when it comes curing. He’s even written a book about it (find it on Amazon here) and runs courses too. Lucky for us, he’s also made some videos that demonstrate […]

5 Fab Pokemon Recipes That Prove You Really Can Eat Them All!

Pokemon is ruling the world, again. It’s back in fashion and this time it’s bigger than ever! It’s been reported that in the first week of the apps availability, there were 15 million downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Yep, it’s popular! So lets not be outdone here, just because we prefer cooking in […]

How Much Do You Know About Chinese Sauces?

Do you love Chinese food enough that you want to try cooking it yourself? Many of us want to give it a go but rarely go beyond splashing a bit of soy sauce around. I’ve got various sauces in my own cupboards, such as Soy, Nouc Mam and Sesame Oil but I’m not always sure […]

How To Make The Best Wild Garlic Pesto Ever

  This jar of emerald green oily paste is SO BUFF and really versatile. So far I’ve had it on courgetti (obvs), on a pizza base (more on that to come) and smeared it on toast, inside chicken and eaten it straight off the spoon. All you need is a blender. Actually all you really […]

How To Make Your Own Super Fast Guacamole – Plus Serving Suggestions!

  This perfectly creamy guacamole takes less than five minutes to whizz together. BOOM! Have it on courgetti, on toast, with breakfast or straight off the spoon; it’s versatile and it’s yours. Have it on green leaves at breakfast if you’re opting for a carb-free/paleo option. It will act as a thick dressing for the […]

How To Make Your Own Rhubarb And Ginger Chutney

This lovely recipe idea comes from Choclette who is a vegetarian recipe developer from Cornwall and blogs at Tin And Thyme. I first became aware of her blog about 3 or 4 months ago and have admired her work ever since. One of her recent posts, Rhubarb And Ginger Chutney, caught my eye and thought that […]

Stop Buying Tortillas, It’s Time You Started Making Your Own!

There are only a few good reasons for buying ready made food items from supermarkets, time saving is one of them and cost possibly the other. However, I like the idea that if I had the time I could actually make those items myself. Well, it might end up costing a little more but I will have learned new skills […]

How To Make Your Very Own Salted Caramel Popcorn

There’s something addictive about a sweet and salty combination. I love that the two flavours go so well together, and this definitely fits the bill when satisfying those cravings. I used Maldon Sea Salt for this since it has a thicker grain, but it’s still a little flaky (rather then a small rock). This helps […]

How To Make Potato Chips (Crisps) In The Microwave

Here’s a something you can get the kids in to this weekend, making their very own potato chips – I mean crisps! This video from Chow.com demonstrates how you can make your very own crisps using a microwave, spray oil and flavouring of your choice. It might take a while to make a bag of them but at least […]

Have You Got Leftovers Lurking In The Fridge? Here’s How To Use Them

You can’t help but have leftovers, especially if you prepared a large meal for family and friends over the festive period. I bet you’ve got more than a few bowls of food sitting in your fridge. Let’s not waste them, here’s a few ideas that I have found! I really like the pasties from Delicious […]