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How To Grill A Pizza on Your Barbecue Without Burning It

Have you every thought about trying to grill a pizza on your barbecue? For those that have tried it, I bet you’ve ended up burning the bottom. Would you like to know a neat trick that avoids that happening? YouTube user Dave Hax has shared a video where the explains the benefit of using a cupcake […]

How To Strip Corn On The Cob The Easy Way

Want to know the easiest way to remove silk from corn on the cob? If you’ve not seen this trick before then prepare to be amazed! Just to quickly summarize, all you need to do is microwave the cob for about three minutes, cut off one end and then squeeze. Check out the video below that […]

How To Make Meatballs With Gennaro, Gordon Ramsay & Katy Perry?

Do you make meatballs yourself or buy them in packs in the supermarket? Nothing tastes better than the food you make yourself, so perhaps it’s time you made your own meatballs? If you think you can’t, then see how Gordon Ramsay got on when he tried to get pop star Katy Perry to make them. […]

Amazing Ice Cube Hack For All Your Summer Drinks!

Our archive is full of great summer drinks but I’ve found a great a wonderful way to totally transform them. This simple idea is easy to do and will take your favourite summer beverage to the next level. All you need is an ice tray or two and a freezer compartment. Pop into each ice tray a selection […]

How To Make Your Own Pasta Shapes At Home!

Have you tried to make pasta before? How did you get on?  This weekend, it’s time to dig out that old pasta making machine that’s been hiding away for years. I’ve found some great videos that should inspire you to have a go at making your own fresh spaghetti, fusilli and tagliatelle. However, before we […]

How To Make Your Own Bubble Waffles At Home!

Back at the beginning of March I posted a video about a new food fad, Hard To Resist And Totally Outrageous Bubble Waffles! Boy did they look good and considering how many people looked at that post, it was something you guys really liked! So I’m guessing that you dear reader would love to know how to […]

How To Cook Perfect Rice Time After Time

How good are you at cooking perfect rice? Does it come out right time after time? Chef Jet Tila (whose full name is actually Jet Tilakamonkul) knows how to cook rice, he is chef of two US restaurants and has appeared on many TV programs – like Iron Chef America. So he should know what he’s […]

Top Tips On How To Prepare An Artichoke For Cooking

Do you know how to prepare an artichoke? If fact, have you actually eaten one? I’ve always given it a miss because it looks like such hard work to prepare one. However, for many the effort is worth it. I guess it’s mainly down to them really liking the taste. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate […]

How To Make Yummy Breakfast Cups

I love these breakfast cups, so simple to make and only about 20 mins in the oven too. I’m betting that kids will love them too, once you’ve got past the fact that vegetables are involved! I would rather serve straight from the oven. However, you could make them before you need them. Create a batch at […]

How To Cook The Perfect Steak With Donald Russell

Donald Russell is a fine purveyor of meats, poultry and fish. Just take a look at their website and online store and see their huge range of products. They also have really good video guides on cooking. In fact, quite possibly some of the best. I’ve included one of their videos below, head chef Stefan Kölsch’s cooking one of […]