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#FoodBloggerFriday: Strawberry Daiquiri – Cocktails and Cupcakes

We end the week with a great recipe for #FoodBloggerFriday. It’s from Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust, someone we have already paid a visit to. Generally we know what to do with strawberries but if you have too many and you are running out of ideas then you should try this. Alison started off […]

#FoodBloggerFriday: Chicken Kale Salad With Blackberries

It’s #FoodBloggerFriday again and today we visit Chilly Frosting. This foodie blog is run by Elena, an Italian living in Bahrain with her husband Hassan and her chihuahua called Pixie. I personally love salads, especially when they are slightly unusual. What initially caught my eye was the use of blackberries. Can you really put them in a salad? If you […]

Food Blogger Friday: Gin & Tonic Cake

Yes, you read that correctly – gin and tonic cake!! Today’s Food Blogger Friday recipe comes from PR girl Lucy. In her spare time she cooks from her London kitchen and writes about her new found recipes and eating out escapades on her website called Pudding Lane. I came across this fabulous website via a […]

The Simplest BBQ Side Dish – Grilled Corn On The Cob With Basil

For today’s #foodbloggerfriday we head over to ‘Get A Room With Food‘ for a lovely BBQ side dish. Sarah’s site should sound familiar because we featured a great recipe from her before, Simple To Make Yummy Turkey Burgers. Sarah has contributed another great idea that is very simple and perfect for any July 4th celebrations. All you need is… 2+ […]

Perfect For Wimbledon – Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream

Today is #FoodBloggerFriday and so what better way to celebrate the summer than with this recipe for strawberry crunch ice cream? The idea comes from a lady called Vohn McGuinness who is a Northern Irish food blogger living in Scotland and who naturally loves food! Her recipe would be perfect to serve up during Wimbledon […]

Impress This Summer With Simona’s Cherry Bavarois

It’s Food Blogger Friday again and have we got a treat for you! This lovely dessert comes from Italian Simona Cherubini who runs a blog called Simona’s Kitchen. Not only is her dessert impressive but she also writes in three languages! The Cherry Bavarois dessert is, as described by Simona, ‘particularly suitable for summer lunch or dinner, […]

Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce

Today is food blogger Friday and the turn of Dragons and Fairy Dust to share with us one of their recipes. The website is run by a lady called Alison who lives in Newcastle and loves dragons, reading and cooking! Pulled pork with BBQ sauce is a great recipe for summer and even better teamed […]

Rosie’s Beef tongue and mushroom Pies

It’s Food Blogger Friday and we are back with Rosie from Rosie’s Kitchen. This time we take a look at her comprehensive recipe for Beef tongue and mushroom pie. When I say comprehensive – loads of photo’s and she even explains how to make great pastry (there’s even a video for that!). Beef tongue is not something […]

Chili & Red Pepper Jam – Rosie’s Kitchen

Welcome to the first of our Food Blogger Fridays! Each Friday we intend to share with you some delicious recipes from other food bloggers from across the globe. This week’s recipe comes from Rosie’s Home Kitchen. Rosie is an English lady living in France who loves to cook – check out her website for lots […]