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Are These Trendy Food Ideas ‘Amazing’ Or Just Plain Interesting?

You gotta love food magazines, they’re always telling us which trendy food we need to be eating. Often with claims that it’s something you need in your life right now and that it’s ‘going to go viral‘ if it hasn’t already. You see titles that include phrases like, “…it’s breaking the internet…‘ or “…you will […]

Sorry James Martin But You Haven’t Made Cassoulet!

Today, while enjoying my first cup of tea of the day, I saw on Facebook an update by Chef James Martin. It mentioned his latest recipe for ASDA – the French classic, cassoulet. If you’re not aware, I currently live in France so his recipe really interested me. I love cassoulet, especially when it’s made correctly. The French […]

Comments Wanted: Have Restaurants Gone Too Far? Where Is My Plate?

I’m really not a big fan of the Daily Mail, not a big fan of newspapers full stop really. However, yesterday they published an interesting story about the way food is being presented in restaurants. From looking at the pictures, some chef’s have really strange ideas of what would impress a diner. From Bring back […]

Comments Wanted: What’s Your Favourite Kitchen Tool Or Gadget?

Everyone who loves spending time in the kitchen has a favourite tool or gadget. It’s that thing that influences what you cook because you just love to use it! For me, it has to be my wok. It’s just such a practical thing to use. I’ve made noodles dishes with it, curries and even soups. […]

Comments Wanted: Would you by a recipe ebook?

I still find it hard to read books on my tablet. Not because of eyesight problems but I just prefer holding the paper version. It’s something I’m used to. Same with cookery books. I like them big, beautifully taken pictures and the recipes themselves simple but at the same time stretching. There is only one […]

Should Three Year Olds Be Introduced To Food Sources And Cooking?

How old were you when you started cooking? The BBC have recently added a new section to their site that’s all about young kids getting involved – Should three-year-olds learn to cook? No one expects children to stay neat and tidy all the time, or to escape a few scraped knees or bruises in the playground. […]

The Foodie Literary Challenge: Read, Cook, Eat

My friend Galina, the food blogger who recreated jammy dodgers, has set an interesting challenge. On her recent blog post, ‘Fruitcake for Mma Ramotswe: ReadCookEat challenge‘, she cooks a fruit cake recipe inspired by her favourite book… I love Mma Ramotswe, the founder of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, and admire this traditionally-built lady for […]

International Womens Day – Celebrate The Women Who Inspire

Today is officially International Women’s Day. A day to remember the women in your life who inspired you, the ones still battling for equality and an equal standing in society. As a site all about food, cooking and recipes, we want to remember the women who first got us interested in the culinary arts. It’s […]

Help Us Celebrate International Women’s Day

Saturday 8th March is International Women’s Day. We would like to honour all those great female chefs, not just the celebs but those who have influenced you or got you started in the kitchen. It could be your mother, grandmother,aunt or your best friend. Leave a comment below along with why and how they got you […]

Lucy’s favorite dishes from 2013

Looking through our posts from 2013 it is fairly hard for me to pick just three favorites! However, I have managed to decide on a starter, a main and a dessert and now I am properly hungry (well it is lunchtime as I am writing this!). Would any of my choices make it onto your […]