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Fabulous Vegetarian Christmas Dishes Even A Meat Eater Would Love

Vegetarian Christmas

Can you really enjoy a vegetarian Christmas dinner? Yep, of course you can! From what I can see, celebrity chefs are bringing to the fore some really exciting dishes. I’m not expecting Gordon Ramsay to put out a vegetarian cook book any time soon though. However, people like Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith have come up with dishes that I would be more than happy to sit and eat.

There’s certainly more to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle than constant nut roasts and quiches. A good example can be seen in the video below. Jamie Oliver creates a ‘Christmas Nut Roast with a Spicy Sauce’, no it’s not another nut roast but rather a dish anyone would be more than happy to have on a plate in front of them!

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, I would love to hear what your foody plans are this Christmas. Leave a comment below or on Facebook…

Delia Smith’s Vegetarian Alternative

Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington – Silvana Franco / Waitrose

Jamie’s Christmas Nut Roast with a Spicy Sauce

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