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Grab Your Toaster, Even More Great Ideas For Sweet Potato Toast!

sweet potato toast

At the beginning of last October, I mentioned how sweet potato toast was becoming the latest new ‘thing’ (Grab Your Toaster, It’s Time You Made Sweet Potato Toast). It has become much more that than now, for example Instagram is full of great ideas with gorgeous pictures.

The ‘sweet potato toast’ idea has been around for a while,  The Independent newspaper mentioned it  back in September – Sweet potato toast: The unlikely new star of healthy breakfasts that counts towards your 5 a day.

That’s quite a grandiose claim! It’s only as good as the toppings you add, it’s not really going to count for anything if you spread a melted Mars Bar over it! I can’t actually imagine doing that but someone somewhere will have tried it out.

Anyway, this is the video that the Independent featured in their post…

I really like the look of the ‘sweet potato toast with salmon’, looks very yummy!

As mentioned, Instagram is full of great ideas. There are 4500 posts tagged as #sweetpotatotoast as I write this, I’m sure there’s more to come! Here’s my pick of the ones I like so far. Don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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