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The Great Easter ‘Hot Cross Buns Recipe’ Challenge

hot cross buns

There’s nothing more traditional for Easter than a Hot Cross Bun, at least in the UK anyway! It’s at it’s best when served warm with more than enough butter. There are plenty of great recipes out there by food bloggers and TV chefs that we could mention. However, when it comes down to it, there’s only really two that we need to talk about – Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Both these famous celebrity chefs have their own ideas of how to bake a very fine Hot Cross Bun. Both have appeared on our screens making them. However, if given the choice, which chef has the betterĀ recipe? Which one would you want baking for you?

Before you choose, let’sĀ take a look at the chefs in action making their recipes…

Would you want Mary Berry in your kitchen baking Hot Cross Buns just for you, or would you prefer Paul Hollywood? Which version of the recipe do you think is the better one?

The challenge is on! You can leave a comment below if you want express yourself fully, otherwise cast your vote below. Happy Easter and may the best chef win!

Which chef and recipe for Hot Cross Buns do you prefer?

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