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Refreshing And Healthy Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

It’s like a burst of fresh air has blown through our home! I love spring and it’s coming in beautifully now. The windows are open, the days are warm and I’m able to get my flips flops out, and I’m trying to get outside as much as I can. I love bringing Hazel (my youngest daughter) […]

“Freak Shake”, It Might Be The Most Insane Food Item Ever But You’ll Want One Anyway!

What’s a “freak shake”, you might ask? Let me indulge you. Imagine your run-of-the-mill, Plain Jane milkshake, then shoot it with steroids and tell it that it’s pretty. Ok, that’s not actually how Cinderella gets to the ball, but the end result would have you fooled. Restaurants and shops are serving these epic freak shakes up with goodies […]

Sunshine In A Glass – A Guide To Making Summer Cocktails

You may not be able to make it to the beach this summer but you can still recreate it in your own back garden – inflatable pool, deck chairs and an exotic drink or two. Most of that I am sure you can handle but let us help you with the liquid refreshments… This infographic […]

More To Hot Chocolate Than You Think…

Is there anything better than a hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Sipping a big mugs worth while watching your favourite film under a blanket, nothing beats it. Question is, can you do better when it comes to the hot chocolate? The infographic below comes from a post on ‘SheKnows’, 18 Delicious ways to get […]

The Big Guide To Selecting Wine For A Meal

Do you get stuck selecting the right wine to go with your meal? This infographic that we found on Pinterest should help. While it’s called a ‘basic’ guide, it seems fairly comprehensive. Click the image for a larger size…  

#FoodBloggerFriday: Strawberry Daiquiri – Cocktails and Cupcakes

We end the week with a great recipe for #FoodBloggerFriday. It’s from Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust, someone we have already paid a visit to. Generally we know what to do with strawberries but if you have too many and you are running out of ideas then you should try this. Alison started off […]

Stay Cool In The Heat With Tequila and Watermelon Summer Time Drink

A slice of watermelon is one of things that can always cool you down and make you feel refreshed – just like that. A tiny bit of magic on a hot summers day. So how well will it do with a dash of tequila? This recipe for Tequila and Watermelon comes via the New York Times. […]

Summer Sangria

Fancy making up your own drink to serve friends and family at your BBQ this summer rather than just opening a bottle of wine? How about putting together a Sangria? Sangria is traditionally drunk in Portugal and Spain and literally means “bloodletting” because of its typical dark red colour. There are a few variations of Sangria […]

Six Nations Party Drinks!

Will you be watching the Six Nations with friends? Fancy making some cocktails to go with the snacks which were featured yesterday? I’ve found a two cocktails from thebar.com website which should keep everyone warm on the inside and a non-alcoholic option from the BBC Food website. The first is for a Baileys Latte which […]

Cocktails & Mocktails

This is our last recipe post before Christmas from Bob and I here at Cookery Ideas and I thought we’d end our festive run with a cocktail and a mocktail! So dust down your cocktail glasses and shakers and treat yourself to a special Christmas drink this year. Our first offering should certainly warm your […]