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Don’t Be Upset With The New Shape Toblerone, Use It As An Ingredient Instead!


The much loved Toblerone chocolate bar is now slightly different, there’s a bigger gap between each triangle now. And for a while, just briefly, it was the only thing the British could talk about and the news channels covered it all! Drowning out the continual mentions of Donald Trump, Brexit and Nigel Farage.

The change is a huge disaster and has caused a massive outrage as reported by the BBC. Of course Twitter was full of it…

If you really don’t like the new shape bar then why don’t you make your own? Make a mould to the shape you think the chocolate bar should be and follow the instructions that come from the the makers themselves. The video below shows you how they do it and what you need to know…

Like all good chocolate treats, it can also be used in recipes. So if you have bought one and you find the shape is all wrong, why not use it as an ingredient! Check out these fab recipes…

Toblerone Candy Bar Shortbread Recipe – Edible Garden

The reason why Toblerone works perfect for these bars is because of the nougat and cashew pieces in the chocolate bars. It gives a surprise element when you bite into the bars! But I am definitely going to experiment with other chocolates too.

No-bake Toblerone Cheesecake! – Jane’s Patisserie

I decided that it was easy to use a Chocolate base flavour for the Cheesecake as it would suit the flavour of the Toblerone, and Chocolate is super yummy anyway!

Toblerone Cookies and other recipes – Toblerone

There’s no description for this recipe but there are others to look at and they’re all by the Toblerone company themselves. Worth checking out!

What do you think, does it matter that the shape is different now? Love to hear your comments and thought…


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