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Delicious Dumpling Recipes You Need To See Right Now

dumpling recipes

When you start thinking about dumplings, I’m betting you’re imagining they’re inside a big steamy stew that’s been bubbling away for hours. My Mum used to make good dumplings for her stews. They always came out light with a great flavour, not all heavy and sticky like my Grandmother used to make! But that’s another story for another time..

Dumpling recipes vary between countries, which leads to some exciting ideas to be discovered. From what I’ve found, They can be fruit filled, be sweet or savoury and can be the star of the show or just a side to the main dish.

It’s time you found out just how amazing dumplings can be, check out these great dumpling recipes!

Apple Dumplings – Mrs Happy Homemaker

I wanted to make some kind of apple dessert after dinner…but was running a little short on time, so my usual apple pie was out of the question (for now!). I decided to prepare some Caramel Apple Dumplings, & my family sure was glad that I did. I have to admit, I was pretty stoked about these little gems too!

Sliced Bread Dumpling With Bacon – Rock The Taste

In germany almost everyone knows them, Bread Dumplings or as we call them: Semmelknödel. It’s kind of a classical and traditional german side dish for all kinds of roasted meat and traditional recipes. With cheap and easy to get ingredients like old bread, bacon, onion and eggs, you can create something beautiful, that fits to everything meaty and even vegetarian main

Czech Fruit Filled Dumplings – Grown To Cook

This is one of the classics of the Czech cuisine and while, despite my Bohemian heritage, I do not really make many Czech dishes at home, this one I like. It’s a sort of semi-legitimate dessert-for-dinner situation. Sometimes the fruit dumplings are made with a kind of cottage cheese dough, but I prefer this much lighter tasting version with yeasted dough. The fruit is steamed in the dumpling with all the juices trapped inside


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