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Three Top Dishes From Rick Stein That Don’t Break Budgets

I still think Rick Stein is one of the best celebrity chefs on TV. He’s fairly laid back, full of stories and has some really great recipes. As a TV chef, he’s been around the world exploring the cuisines of many continents. He’s traveled around France, Spain and India. I particularly liked his adventures around […]

Rick Stein’s Top Tips For Preparing Fish

Rick Stein is best known for his passion for fish. That passion has lead to restaurants, a training school and even self-catering accommodation. And of course, plenty of books with recipes inspired by his many travels around the world. Of all the celebrity chefs, past and present, Rick Stein is the probably the most calm and […]

Stuck For Lunch Ideas? Try Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Peas And Parma Ham

Need something quick for lunch yet filling? This recipe from Rick Stein takes little preparation and ready before you know it. The ingredients are few in number and you probably have them already. Serve with crusty bread and perhaps a glass of chilled white wine, however you do it this recipe is a must try. […]

Rick Stein’s Fennel Sausages With Lemon Potatoes

Are you a Rick Stein fan? Considering that his Turkish spicy lamb flat bread is still trending very well here I guess there’s quite a few! It may well be connected that he is back on telly again in. The new BBC series sees 6 cooks travelling around to find out more about their favourite […]

Rick Stein’s Moroccan Spicy Meat Ball Tagine

Moroccan food has always interested me, I love the spices they use and the ingredients.  Tons of cumin, garlic and paprika, somehow it all seems very exotic. Chef Rick Stein creates a Kefta and Egg Tagine. It’s called a Tagine (or Tajine) after the cooking vessel. How many of you have one in a cupboard someone […]

Rick Steins Turkish spicy lamb flat bread

Rick Stein OBE is well known for his restaurant businesses in Padstow, Cornwall. Businesses that include a chip shop! Of course his TV appearances have helped him to become a TV favourite. Well that’s down to Keith Floyd, another story – another time… One of the things that Rick has done is travel. His TV […]

Potato Week: Fennel Sausages with Lemon Potatoes

Today’s video comes courtesy of Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes. Although this may sound a bit summery I do think that because it contains potatoes and sausages it would be a rather comforting dish to whip up on these ever increasing cooler days. The most important part of this dish, as mentioned a couple of times in the […]