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James Martin’s Summer Burger With Homemade Relish

The weekend is nearly here and if you are planning on cooking burgers then this video from James Martin should be of interest. Whether you’re making them in the kitchen or on the outside grill, this video is well worth watching. Yeah it is a promo for ASDA but all we’re interested in is James and his […]

Easy Passion Fruit Soufflé With Caramelised Banana’s

Soufflé’s are normally regarded as being very difficult. Some recipes are a little complicated or require lots of practice. This one by James Martin is fairly straight forward to follow as can be seen in the video below. The ingredients include ready made custard, passion fruit and bananas. As James mentions in the video, ensure […]

Impress This Valentines Day With Sea Bass, Herbs and Lemon

Valentines day is coming so why not impress your other half with something special you have created in the kitchen. The best thing about this lovely dish is that the preparation is quick, the ingredients are simple and presentation looks great. The recipe is by James Martin and can be found in his book – […]

Having Fish On Friday? Try Out This Pan Seared Trout

We have mentioned before that having fish on a Friday is quite common around the world. We’re not talking about a trip to your local chippy for something in batter! Fresh fish cooked well not only tastes great but is also good for you. All those omega 3’s and such like. This recipe for pan […]

Chocolate Week: James Martin and Chocolate Truffle Fondants

James Martin of Saturday Kitchen Fame shows us how to create a Chocolate Truffle Fondants. For a perfect finished article, you will need a set of scales, James recommends digital scales as they give a more accurate measurement. If you can get your preparation done right then you should have no troubles making this lovely dessert! […]

Potato Week: Potato Tart with Sardines & Roasted Tomatoes

So our penultimate posting for Potato Week is a great recipe which was featured on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. Now I will admit to having a tiny crush on James Martin so researching this video wasn’t difficult! James actually de-heads and guts the sardines himself but if this isn’t something you would relish then ask your fishmonger […]