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Have You Seen The Hairy Bikers Diet Club Recipes?

How are you getting on with your New Year’s resolutions. Planning on losing weight through a diet? I hate the word ‘diet’ because it often conjures up images of rabbit food. Also, most of those ‘special’ diets that you hear of make absurd claims about weight loss – not that they really work anyway. Perhaps […]

Get Inspired With These Exotic Fish Dishes From The Hairy Bikers

David Myers and Simon “Si” King, better known as the Hairy Bikers, are best mates on and off the screen and both share a huge passion for food. No matter where they are in the world, they always seem to have fun. Despite the strange locations, they cook up lovely recipes that always look great to eat. Over […]

Hairy Bikers: Chicken Casserole With Potato Cobbler

Everyone needs to have a good casserole dish in their repertoire so how about adding this warming chicken casserole with potato cobbler? It’s a Hairy Bikers recipe and is sure to warm the cockles of your guests now the weather seems to have turned. Not helped by the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo which seems […]

Stuffed Aloo Paratha With The Hairy Bikers

Let’s start the week with something hot and spicy! The Hairy Bikers, also know as Si King and Dave Myers, create an Indian stuffed bread that takes no time to create. This bread is one of the most popular breakfast dishes throughout western, central and northern regions of India. It is often served with a chutney […]

Mums Know Best – Meat And Potato Pie

As I write this blog post the rain is lashing against my front door, it’s dark and it’s bitterly cold. Basically all I would like to eat right now is some comfort food! Therefore today’s post is for a meat and potato pie which comes from Dee Briggs who the Hairy Bikers met during their […]

Cleaning & De-bearding Mussels

We have featured a few recipes for mussel dishes in the past including Moule Frites Belgium Style  but we’ve never gone back to basics with how to clean and de-beard them. This video from Mitch Tonks is very informative and gives good advice about what precautions to take as well as how to prepare the […]

Moule Frites Belgium Style With The Hairy Bikers

One of the most popular cooking duo’s on British TV are the Hairy Bikers, or Dave Myers and Simon King. The have loads of recipe books out as and have been on our screens now for many years. Their success is possible due to the range of food styles and just how well they get […]

The Ultimate Festive Drink, Christmas Pudding In A Glass

If you are looking for a festive drink to go with your party then this is just for you. Of the many festive drinks available, such as Eggnog, this one will actually taste of Christmas pudding! The recipe for Christmas pudding vodka comes from the Hairy Bikers Christmas Party TV program (BBC UK). Si King and Dave […]

The Hairy Bikers – sausage casserole

Today’s post comes courtesy of The Hairy Bikers and is for a delicious one-pot sausage casserole. This is perfect for a mid-week supper and freezes well so you can get ahead of the game and just defrost it when you are short of time and don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen […]

Seasonally English – cauliflower cheese with bacon and mushrooms

Why is it that cauliflower and cheese seem so perfect for each other? It’s one of those food combinations that just work. Not only that, in my part of the world they are readily available at the local market. Of course with buying any vegetables it’s a matter of quality. Choose carefully, cauliflower heads should […]