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How To Make Meatballs With Gennaro, Gordon Ramsay & Katy Perry?

Do you make meatballs yourself or buy them in packs in the supermarket? Nothing tastes better than the food you make yourself, so perhaps it’s time you made your own meatballs? If you think you can’t, then see how Gordon Ramsay got on when he tried to get pop star Katy Perry to make them. […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Meat Free Recipes For Summer & Beyond

Though Gordon Ramsay doesn’t seem to rate vegetarian food too highly, he has produced some really great meat free recipes. Some of which are more than suitable for summer eating. I’ve found three dishes that I’m sure most vegetarians would be more than happy to eat. Though I’d bet even meat eaters wouldn’t say no […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Tandoori Halibut With Raita

It’s Friday so let’s talk about fish, and in particular spicy Tandoori halibut. The last fish recipe I mentioned was Gordon Ramsay’s Ginger Beer Battered Fish And Mushy Peas, which is still proving to be very popular. Well, we’re back with Gordon and this time looking at his recipe for Tandoori Halibut with Raita. Of course, the […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Quiche With Leeks & Pancetta

If you thought that leeks were only good for soups then check out this recipe for Leek & Pancetta Quiche. It should change your mind pretty quickly! The recipe itself comes via Gordon Ramsay and the video below comes from his cooking-at-home TV series. He also shows you how to make shortcrust pastry with flour, butter and […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Ginger Beer Battered Fish And Mushy Peas

If you love battered fish then you’re going to love this recipe from Gordon Ramsay. There’s nothing quite so English as this. I remember childhood holidays down on the south coast of the UK. Walking along the beachfront on cold and rainy days. Somehow, eating battered fish and chips always made everything better. In this […]

How To Get The Perfect Christmas Roast Chicken, Turkey Or Goose

When it comes to cooking a chicken, turkey or goose for Christmas, you’ve got to know how to get them ready for the oven. After all, you want your Christmas roast with moist meat and full of flavour! Each bird requires it’s own particular preparation. That’s mainly due to the denseness of the meat and the fat […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Stuffed Courgette Rolls

I am really in to courgettes at the moment. They are still plentiful at my local market, though they do seem smaller these days. I guess it’s the time of year and all. One of my favourite things to do with them is to fry them off sliced, with onion and garlic and stuff them […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Chilli Dogs

This may be the quickest recipe video we have featured yet. The thing is, while it may seem quick the idea of chilli dogs is fairly sound and can be easily customised. Basically, it’s a hot dog with added chilli. If you want something quick and cheap then buy on price. Supermarkets often do their […]

Steak – marinating and cooking

A nice juicy piece of steak is delicious especially if you are going to marinate it before cooking. However, have you ever cooked your steak and ended up with a piece of cardboard by mistake?! Or the other extreme of serving it up and it’s still practially raw inside? Everyone has their own preference when […]

flatbread, feta and chickpea salad

I am beginning to think I talk to much about flat bread. But it’s easy to make and quite versatile. Something any one can make in fact. So this recipe by Gordon Ramsay caught my attention for two good reasons. First, well it’s flat bread and the second is that he admits to liking vegetarian food! […]