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Braised Oxtail, A Great British Recipe

Is oxtail a forgotten ingredient? Is it really just for soups? In today’s dish, we see what could be an under used and possible cheap ingredient turned in to a hearty meal. Oxtail is just that, the tail from an ox or steer. Fat can be cut away and used later when rendered. Cooking the meat on the bone […]

Gary Rhodes cream free spaghetti carbonara

In this video, Chef Gary Rhodes cooks an authentic spaghetti carbonara in Italy. It’s a quick and easy Lazio style recipe that results in a lovely dish. Great for an out door evening meal or perhaps even as a light lunch. We often think of a carbonara as having loads of cream and a topping of […]

Keeping it seasonal with asparagus

I have just got back from my local market and there is asparagus in abundance. It’s that time of year where the local growers are bringing their crops to sell and it all looks just wonderful. Not only is it quick to cook (pan or oven) but it has healthy qualities and has been something to […]

Almond Pudding with White Tomato Sorbet

Do you need help on deciding on a desert for Easter?  This could be what you have been looking for. It may not be as light as a Strawberry Soufflé but small almond puddings with tomato sortbet not only sounds good but looks good too. In this video, Chef Gary Rhodes takes you through the steps to make […]

Baking week: Cheese and vegetable quiche

In todays recipe, we feature the easy to make quiche. The beauty of a quiche is that they can be made with either the best that you can buy or what ever you have left around. You can make them with sea food, leftover chicken or just lovely vegetables. But always with great tasting cheese! […]

Soup Week: The perfect Autumn starter, warm cherry soup

Cherry soup? Now the idea of cherries in a soup may seem strange at first. However, as a starter, it makes perfect sense. It’s simple to make, easy to serve and in my humble opinion – should impress friends and family. As the Autumn days get cooler and the days get shorter, what better way […]

Finish off summer with this creamy fruit slice

It’s now the end of summer, sadly. However if you have any fruit still in your garden like strawberries and black berries etc, then this recipe is perfect for you. If you don’t then check out your local market and see what is still available. This lovely pastry and fruit dessert not only looks good […]