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Cookbooks On The Kindle – Reviews And Links


I have an eReader app on my tablet for reference material and the occasional short story (I do Sci-Fi book reviews and they sometimes come in PDF format) but for reading fiction I do prefer having a solid printed book in my hands.

Though, you’ve got to admit, there’s a lot of advantages to an ebook reader. For instance – you can take it just about anywhere, it’s easily carried in a handbag or backpack and it can store a whole load of books which can save shelf and bag space. Lets not forget that digital books can also be much cheaper than their physical counterparts.

For cookbooks, I’m perfectly happy to have the digital version. It just seems easier to tap for the one I want and then go directly to the required recipe. Just seem easier than hunting around for the book then looking up the recipe. I have small apartment and space can be at a premium at times. Many of my books are stored in boxes, so finding the one I want is not always that easy!

If you are thinking of going the eReader route for example, with the new Amazon Kindle Voyage or the cheaper All-New-Kindle, then you will be wanting digital cookbooks to load on to it. Here are five books that I have recently reviewed and links to the Amazon Kindle eBook version.

National Trust Cookbook  – Amazon Page | The review

Amazing Malaysian – Amazon Page | The review

Gennaro: Slow Cook Italian – Amazon Page | The review

Tom’s Table: My favourite Recipes – Amazon Page | The review

Masterchef: The Chefs At Home – Amazon Page | The review

You will also want to grab the two cookery books that Karen from Lavender and Lovage announced back in February.

Do you have a Kindle or similar eReader? How are you getting on with it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments…

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