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Celebrate Christmas With A Glass Of Eggnog!

eggnog recipe

Right, it’s time for a Christmas drink. We’re going to take a look at eggnog!

If you’re having bit of a giggle about this, then please don’t. Right now it’s a very popular search term on Google. It seems that Americans and Canadians love it, and a version of eggnog is very popular with the people in Venezuela and Trinidad.

I can remember back when I was 10 years old or so, my parents digging out a bottle at Christmas time and enjoying at least a glass or two. Is it still a drink for modern times? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Anyway, moving on…

It’s origins are a little unclear, it may have been created in East Anglia, or perhaps in America. There’s also some evidence it may of started life in Europe somewhere. However it came in to being, the one thing that seems to be common to all, it’s got booze in it!

Actually, eggnog doesn’t need to have alcohol in it to be called eggnog but from the recipes I’ve seen so far, and from the write up on Wikipedia, they all seem to have some kind of spirit added.

The main ingredients are eggs (lots of them), cream, sugar, milk (if you don’t want it too thick) and a suitable bottle or two of something strong.

This Christmas, why don’t you try making your own eggnog. It’s really not that difficult as demonstrated in this video by expert mixologist Kyle Ford…

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