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Tom’s Table: The ‘No Fluff’ Cook Book With Plenty Of Great Ideas


There are three types of cookery books, the reference that sites on the shelf, the beautifully crafted that takes pride of place on the coffee table and the one you actually use because the recipes have been written for people like you and me.

I wanted to make the distinction because the latest cookery book from Tom Kerridge definitely falls in to that last category of ‘actually use’. It’s not a book that you will be leaving on a shelf, far to practical for that.

Tom is already an established TV star, with his own TV series. You may of seen him on BBC’s Food and Drink and Saturday Kitchen. His wide experience, gained from working in top restaurants around the UK, has enabled him to open his own. In fact he won two Michelin stars for his first one – The Hand and Flowers.

My copy of Tom’s Table, which was released in September, is a hardback book with 253 pages. Inside the covers are 100 recipes that anyone with a little kitchen experience can recreate. Not exactly for beginners, in my humble opinion, but if you have the confidence then you’re going to be just fine.

Each recipe has an introduction by Tom, along with the list of ingredients. The step by step instructions are clear and to the point. The pictures are lovely and normally full page, unless the recipe needs more space then half a page is used.

What I really like is the lack of fluff, these recipes are simply Tom’s favourites. A brief paragraph explains why he likes it and then gets on with job of making it. While lengthy prose has it’s place, namely among the glossy photo’s of that expensive book sitting on your coffee table, this book is better off without it and places more importance (and space) on the recipes themselves.

The book is built with sections – snacks and starters, fish and Shellfish, meat, sides, sauces and relishes, puddings, baking and treats. You could actually plan a weeks menu with this book – the section, snacks and starters, has 12 recipes – fish and shellfish has 16! It’s also good to see some unusual recipes, such as Knish, Cholent and pickled fish!

The old standby’s are there too, such as chicken casserole, pizza and various rice dishes. It’s a really good mix of standards and the unusual. My favourite recipes, ones that I want to try are, meatballs in chunky treacle gravy, honey tart and the very tempting rice and apple rostis.

In my view, this is a great recipe book that’s worth the money. Highly recommended, go get it!

This book is available from Amazon UK – Tom’s Table: My Favourite Everyday Recipes

Thanks go to Absolute Press/Bloomsbury Publishing for my copy of the book. All views are my own.

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