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BBQ Cooking: Chicken Kebabs With Corn On The Cob

chicken kebabs

Image copyright Deon van Schalkwyk / FoodJam

This weekend, forget sausages and burgers on your BBQ and instead try grilling your own handmade chicken kebabs! Serve them with grilled corn on the cob for a really exciting plate of food.

This inspiration comes from Deon who blogs at FoodJam. Despite having a day job, he somehow finds the time to post great recipes and ideas. It’s worth spending time checking his site out.

These chicken kebabs are nice and simple to make and when served with the corn on the cob, you have a complete meal. Got all your vegetables from the kebabs and the corn and then your protein from the chicken meat.

I used a dry rub marinade which I got from Lidl to marinade the chicken pieces before skewering them onto the skewers, you can use whatever you like or simply season with salt and pepper and they will still be delicious

It’s time we started exploring what else can be cooked on a BBQ, there’s more to outdoor food than sausage and burgers! This recipe is a great example of what else you can do…

The full recipe with more pictures can be found right here – Chicken Kebabs

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