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Barbecued Or Boiled, Nothing is Better Than Corn On The Cob!

Corn on the cob

I love my weekend markets, it’s the time where I stock up on fresh vegetables. This time of year, it full of different coloured tomatoes, melons of various sizes and loads of strawberries. I had a good wander around this past Saturday, and when I arrived at my preferred stall I spotted something new – corn cobs.

One of my all time fab things is corn on the cob however I’ve not eaten one for quite sometime. It wasn’t a hard decision to add a couple to the other fresh veg I was getting!

Prepared corn on the cob

Of course, corn on the cob is one of the simplest things to cook. I normally take off the leaves and remove the ‘corn silk’ strands. Once that is done, I chop off the bottom and a small amount of the top. By doing this, you leave room to insert a fork so that you can hold it better while eating. As a matter of course, I give them a good wash under a tap.

Cooked corn on the cob

I cooked mine for about 5/6 minutes in salted water. The time taken depends on how you like yours, I prefer mine with a bit of crunch. However you like it, there’s nothing better than spreading salted butter over the cob.

If you want an easier way of removing the ‘corn silk’ and get to eat it straight away then this video from Chef John should help…

If want to cook yours on the barbecue then this video should tell you what you need to know…


Using kitchen forks to hold a cob does work but I found that mine weren’t sharp enough to go in far enough. I would highly recommend something like these…

sweet-corn-forksAs you can see, they lock in to each other when not in use and look sturdy enough to hold a large cob! You can get them from Amazon UK –Zyliss Corn on the Cob Holders.


If you want to go really posh, why not get fancy bowls that come with 6 cob holders? Another Amazon UK item – White Ceramic Corn on the Cob Dishes – Pack of 6 with 6 Corn Shaped Corn on the Cob Holders

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