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Bacon Butty’s, Red Sauce Or Brown?


For some reason, Saveur Magazine has become all excited about bacon. It ended 2014 with ‘Bacon and Egg Pie‘ and started 2015 with ‘Bacon Butty‘. Very commendable that they are mentioning something Us Brit’s have been eating for so long. After all, did we not invent the ‘bacon butty’?

We’ve not been shy when it comes to bacon,

and of course, we mentioned how to cook bacon properly

There have been discussions in the past, well, more like heated discussions, as to whether a bacon butty is at it’s best with brown sauce or red. I must say that brown does give it more ‘oomph’ but there is still something to be said about using red.

So what is your preference? Should brown sauce rule or is red best? Leave you comments and thoughts in the comments below…


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2 Responses to 'Bacon Butty’s, Red Sauce Or Brown?'

  1. Lucy says:

    This is a tricky one. Ketchup definitely on chips but when it comes to bacon butties it really depends on my mood!

  2. Alison says:

    It has to be red, brown sauce on bacon butties just does not work!