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Nancy Takes The Title – The Great British Bake Off Winner!

Well I never saw that coming, did you? As I’m sure you’ve seen from the show yesterday evening, last night’s and this morning’s news that Nancy has been crowned the worthy winner of Great British Bake Off 2014. She proved to be a great baker, calm and consistent all the way through. I think the […]

GBBO Episode 8: Sweet Fruit Loaves, Povitica And Doughs

It’s week eight and there are now five bakers left.  This week is advanced dough week; bakers will be making sweet fruit loaves made from enriched dough for their signature dish.  It needed to be free form, which means it will not be baked in a tin. Povitica –  An East European cross between a […]

GBBO Episode 7: Pasties, Pastries And Eclairs!

For all of you who unfortunately endure a gluten intolerance, suffer from a wheat allergy or baked goods makes you bloat, ooer –  this episode may not be for you as it’s all about pastry. The first challenge, the signature, was to produce 12 savoury parcels, all perfectly formed and beautifully browned – the cast of TOWIE […]

GBBO Episode 6: Cakes, Layers And Recipe Reading

Back in the tent for week 6 and it’s European cake week. I like European food so I decided to Russia over there because I was Hungary.  After Czech’ing the menu I ordered Turkey. When I was Finnished I told the waiter  ‘Spain good but there was Norway I could eat another bite’. The signature […]

GBBO Episode 5: All About Tarts And Timing

Tick Tock, 60 minutes and we’re counting down. It’s all about time this week in the Great British Bake Off tent. 59 minutes left. After the drama of last week there are only seven bakers left to compete in the large white tent, I won’t explain, we all know what happened. The signature dish was […]

GBBO Episode 4: Things Heat Up With Baked Alaskas And A Freezer Mix Up!

Some people need to get their just desserts, don’t they? Mentioning no names….… have I Diana? More on that later. It’s definitely getting hotter in the tent for week four and it was already steamy in there too. Ooh dear. We are all getting our knickers in a twist this week, whether it’s the contestants […]

GBBO Episode 3: Of Wigs, Spices And Buns – Baking Week

A good baker will rise to the occasion, it’s the yeast he can do. How do you get a baker into bed? Seeduction! No need to be leaven town, loaf around instead and catch week three of the Great British Bake Off and bread week. We are bread to sin, only if you like the […]

GBBO Episode 2: Biscuits, Italian Ice cream and Zigzagged Bottoms

Week two and we’re down to 11 bakers. It’s biscuit week, always a favourite nibble of mine, maybe it should be described as hairy week. There has been an abundance of online chatter about the hygiene risks that Iain’s beard proposes. Jordan’s has a pony tail and wore a trendy orange hair clip with nonchalance. […]