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About the author: Lucy

Growing up with a Mum who was a caterer I have always been surrounded by the smells of cooking coming from the kitchen, recipe books on the bookshelves and scrummy home-cooked dinners.

As I’ve got older and moved away from the family home I’ve become interested in cooking for friends and family. My recipe book collection has slowly expanded and I’m always looking at new ideas.

Great British Bake Off – THE FINAL!

We’ve made it to the final of the 2015 Great British Bake Off. I’m sure you know by now who won but did you try to avoid all social media until you had caught up with the final episode?! Did you cast your vote on our readers’ poll? The final three bakers left in the competition […]

Great British Bake Off – Chocolate Week

Tamal, Flora, Nadiya and Ian are all hoping to stay calm in this weeks semi-final bake off. They are now baking for their lives as they all want a place in next weeks’ final. In this semi-final episode the bakers are required to create amazing things with chocolate – my favourite! Not easy to watch […]

Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week

This week the seven remaining bakers tackle pastry. My idea of hell! The best I can do is open a packet of shortcrust or filo….and that is why I’m not in that tent! Signature bake – The judges have asked the bakers for a Frangipane tart with an open top using shortcrust pastry. Not a […]

Great British Bake Off – “Free From” Week

It’s “free from” week in the tent for the Great British Bake Off contestants. Some of the bakers struggled with this concept – ice cream with no dairy, bread with no gluten and cake with no sugar. Lots to think about with the challenges this week. The first challenge is to make a cake using […]

The Great British Bake Off: Dessert Time With Crème Brûlées And Spanische Windtortes

It’s time for lots of scrummy desserts this week in the bakers’ tent and during the episode 144 desserts are going to be made….that’s a lot of pudding! Signature Bake – For the first task of the day Paul and Mary have asked the contestants to each make 12 identical crème brûlées. These can be of […]

The Great British Bake Off: Challengers Tested On Their Bread Baking Skills

Week three and it’s bread week. All that kneading, proving and baking is sure to get some of the contestants into a doughy mess. The first signature challenge is for each person to make two quick breads. This is made without yeast and so bicarbonate of soda/baking powder and buttermilk are needed in order to […]

Great British Bake Off – Biscuit Week

This week is all about biscuits and first up is Biscotti which originated in Italy. These are twice baked biscuits and the contestants are tasked with making 24 of them of identical size. As usual all the contestants are going for different flavours including Alvin who is using Jackfruit (I’d never heard of this fruit […]

Great British Bake Off Is Back – Meet The Contenders!

Last night we welcomed back to our screens the Great British Bake Off. The whole team have returned – Queen of baking Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood AKA the Silver Fox and the comedy duo Mel and Sue, who I personally think add a great bit of comedy to the proceedings. So who exactly is taking […]

Nigel Slater’s Black Banana Cake

Do you often find you have over-ripe bananas left in your fruit bowl that you don’t know what to do with? Well why not try this Nigel Slater recipe for black banana bread which uses chocolate chips to make it even more yummy! This loaf cake makes enough for 8 people (if you are willing […]

Fabulous Baker Brothers – Passion Fruit Brûlée Tarts

The Fabulous Baker Brothers Tim and Henry Herbert bring us today’s recipe for passion fruit brûlée tarts. I love passion fruit and anything flavoured with this sweet tropical fruit. The riper the fruit the more wrinkly they are so look out for that when you are buying them. I think today’s recipe looks delicious and would […]