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Are You Making Burgers With A Burger Press?

burger press

Do you use a burger press when you make your own burgers? One of the best ways to keep a burger together while cooking is to press it into shape. You could do it by hand but it’s much quicker with a handy gadget. Take a look at this one from Lakeland…

As mentioned in the video, once they have been pressed in to shape they can be easily frozen. You can make a batch of burgers ahead of time, store them and use them as and when needed.  Very handy if you need a quick midweek meal or you’re preparing for a weekend BBQ.

While there is some debate over which is best – hand moulded burgers or those made with a press – there are definite advantages to a press…

  • so much quicker when it comes to making large batches
  • they are all of a uniform size and consistency – flattened burgers will cook evenly and together
  • great for kids, much easier for young ones to get involved

The Lakeland burger press is available on Amazon right now, perfect for meat, fish or veggies.

Do you make your own burgers? Do you use a press or prefer to use your hands? Which method produces the better burger? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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