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Apple Crumble: 5 Great Alternative Ideas You Need To Know

apple crumble

Nothing beats warm apple crumble, a hot bowl of traditional English pudding served with either ice cream or custard. I’m sure we all have fond childhood memories of mum or granny cooking crumble in the kitchen and the wonderful smells filling the whole house. Made you want to rush through dinner just so you could get to dessert that bit quicker.

Apple crumble, and variations of, haves been around a long time and was especially popular during World War Two. Did you know that is was originally called Brown Betty? I didn’t either!

I like what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has said about the very British pudding

These homey puds are certainly not fine patisserie. They’re designed not to seduce the eye so much as to have rural rumpy-pumpy with your tastebuds. And they’re perfect for the pastry-challenged. There’s no rolling, no wrestling with tricky dough, no blind baking. Just a bit of chopping and mixing stands between you and hot, fruity pleasure.

The crumble is, rightly, a national institution. So it’s surprising that we’ve only really been making them since the second world war. We’ve even exported them to France, where they can’t get enough of “le crumble”. Our humble, bumbling, tummy-rumbling crumble now rubs shoulders with crème brûlée and tarte au citron. And so it should.

The video recipes that I’ve found take the basic idea of the humble crumble to the next level. How does apple with toffee sound? Or perhaps strawberry and banana? Being almost an institution, the apple crumble is everyones favourite tummy filler but should we really want to mess with the ingredients? Should we be checking out alternative ideas?

Well of course we should! How else will discover new and exciting crumble flavours unless you get a bit experimental!

There’s a great mix of ideas, including ones from food blogger Ella at Deliciously Ella and celeb chefs Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson. The most fancy and ‘cheffy’ of all the ideas is the one from Raymond Blanc. If you can master that one then you are going to make friends for life!

Enjoy the recipes but before you go, there’s a very important question – should the crumble be served with ice cream or custard? Please leave your thoughts in the comments…

Toffee Apple Crumble Recipe – Sorted Food

Apple and Cranberry Crumble – Gordon Ramsay

Strawberry & Banana Crumble – Deliciously Ella

How to Cook Strawberry Crumble – Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets

Ruby-red plum and amaretti crumble – Nigellissima

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