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Amazing Ice Cube Hack For All Your Summer Drinks!

summer drinks ice cubes

Our archive is full of great summer drinks but I’ve found a great a wonderful way to totally transform them. This simple idea is easy to do and will take your favourite summer beverage to the next level. All you need is an ice tray or two and a freezer compartment.

Pop into each ice tray a selection of fruits that have been chopped to fit. Top up with water and carefully place them in your freezer. Once solid, you can drop them in to your summer drinks. What a fab way of adding flavour and colour while keeping your drink cool, certainly an easy way to impress party guests!

The idea was featured in a video on Facebook,  posted by Real Simple

This Ice Cube Hack is Perfect for Summer

This ice cube hack will transform your summer drinks.

Posted by Real Simple on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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