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About Cookery Ideas

Bob TooveyI’m Bob Toovey and I welcome you to Cookery Ideas.

I have a big love of food, it’s my way of relaxing after staring at computer screens all day. The site started as a way of bringing together the recipes I love. However it has changed over time and has become something much more.

Cookery Ideas has rapidly become the place for discovering new and exciting food ideas. The core idea is to search the web looking for great food bloggers and their recipes, then share with you the best of what we find.

I love to work with food bloggers with all different levels of experience. I just want to share my passion and excitement and yours too!

Past and present contributors


melissa pelkeyMelissa Pelkey

Melissa was born with a whisk in her hand. Over the years, her love for cooking and competition has been carefully crafted into an award-winning obsession. Melissa uses her culinary skills to compete in cooking and recipe competitions locally and nationwide…

kaitieKaitie Lawlor 

Some of my best memories involve delicious food, great company and sitting around a kitchen table. Growing up, I remember countless Saturday nights not eating dinner until 8 pm – my parents were talking, my mom cooking, and making Saturday night an event…

lindsay-greeneLindsay Greene

My name is Lindsay. I have a weird obsession with cheese, bacon, and cats (not usually at once). I love my family, music, crossfit, and FOOD, of course. Always aiming to be different and try new things…

Lucy MounceLucy Mounce

Growing up with a Mum who was a caterer I have always been surrounded by the smells of cooking coming from the kitchen, recipe books on the bookshelves and scrummy home-cooked dinners.

Other contributors include Suzanne Payet, Millie Pettit, Sarah Clark and Alison Maclean.

I’m also very grateful to the food bloggers who have contributed guest posts.