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A Great Brazilian Treat For Valentine’s Day – Brigadeiro de Cerveja

valentines day Brigadeiro de Cerveja

Image copyright Denise Browning/easyanddelish.com

For Valentine’s Day, test out your cooking skills by making this lovely Brazilian treat called Brigadeiro de Cerveja (Beer Brigadeiros). If you have the patience and want to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day itself, this is one recipe you really should have a go at making. It will be worth the effort!

The food blogger behind this is Denise Browning, she is from Brazil and lives in the USA. Her recipe uses condensed milk, which may strike some of you as being a bit strange, seeing as it’s not an ingredient most of us would use. However, it’s very popular in Brazil and used in many different ways. Denise explains some of the history of condensed milk in Brazil and how it became a popular ingredient.

She says in her post…

Thanks to Nestlé, condensed milk became a staple in Brazil, replacing fresh milk in the preparation of desserts and cake frostings, tarts, and “mousses.” It is also the main ingredient for caramel flan and brigadeiro, a unique treat that technically is neither a truffle nor a candy, but as beloved in Brazil as cupcakes are in America. In addition, I grew up eating a simple treat: condensed milk drizzled on top of bananas, my favorite afternoon snack as a child. Further, nowadays condensed milk is used to make one of my favorite drinks, Fruit Cocktail Drink (coquetel de frutas). Plus, condensed milk can be transformed into dulce de leche (doce de leite), another favorite, by boiling canned sweetened condensed milk.

You can check out the full recipe for Brigadeiro de Cerveja on Denise Browning’s website. It has a full description of how to put the recipe together along with photo’s and some more interesting history.

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