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6 Great Cookie Recipes That You Should Be Trying Right Now


Cookies are always popular, and it seems especially so at this time of year. Lots of great foodie blogs are sharing lovely recipes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making your own. Here’s a small selection to get you inspired, all great recipes that you will want to try out.

My favourite is the Gingersnap Cookies from Food Wishes, they see more like biscuits and that’s the kid of thing I love to dunk in my tea! Leave a comment below on which one is your favourite…

  • Baking A Moment – Soft Ginger Cookies
    These classic cookies are soft and a little chewy, and just bursting with warm ginger spice! A perfect recipe for your Christmas cookie exchange.
  • Derivative Dishes – Black & White Cookies: An Exercise in Self Defeat
    If you’ve never had a black and white cookie, they’re not really cookies at all, nor are they black and white. They are not crunchy and crumbly the way you expect cookies to be, rather they are soft and supple cakes hidden beneath a thin layer of half vanilla and half chocolate fondant (hardened icing). They’re a New York City staple; you can find them in just about every deli and bodega in all five boroughs. I think. I’ve never spent enough time in Staten Island to make such a definitive determination.
  • 1 Cooking Chick – The Chocolate Chip Cookie Mission
    Lately, I’ve been on a mission to bake the perfect, most beautiful chocolate chip cookies. Past attempts have resulted in flat, glob-like objects that are just dried out and crumbly. Some people may like them that way…and that’s fine! I mean no respect! You know what they say about different strokes…their for different folks.
  • Food Wishes – Gingersnap Cookies – Hot, Hot, Sweet
    I always tell people I’m not a cookie eater, but I guess that depends on the cookie, since when it comes to these gingersnaps, I can’t get enough. As soon as these cool, I chain-eat them until they’re gone; but that’s not my fault. I blame the amazing spicy-sweet flavor, and irresistible texture.
  • Magnolia Days – Mexican Chocolate Pepita Shortbread Cookies
    Fall really kicked in this week. Temperatures range from highs in the 60’s to dipping into the upper 30’s at night. It signaled the time to change my garden from summer to winter. Fall sends out another signal too: pumpkin. A plethora of recipes flood the internet. Guess what? I’m part of another batch of them. Since I only like one small part of pumpkin, I made Mexican Chocolate Pepita Shortbread Cookies.
  • Mrs Happy Home Maker – Gluten Free White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies
    Today I am sharing a deliciously yummy melt in your mouth Gluten Free White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies. Most gluten free cookies are not worth their ridiculous high price. They are usually crumbly and dry. I am here to tell you about my little secret arsenal of products that make a fluffy just as good as a regular flour type of cookie. Most people that I have served them to just don’t believe that they are gluten free.

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