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5 Great Ice Cream Treats You’ll Want To Try At Home

Ice cream treats to make at home

Looks like it’s going to be a warm weekend for many, those who are lucky enough will be having a relaxing BBQ and enjoying a glass of something nice. However, can anything beat a bowl of ice cream?

Right now, there are food bloggers out there sharing fantastic ideas involving ice cream. Super flavours, simple ingredients and in most cases, fairly easy to make. If you feel like making your own and spoiling your friends and family then check out our list below…

Food Wishes – Mocha Semifreddo – Bad Technique Makes for a Great Frozen Summer Dessert

I got a request for semifreddo recently, and since it is a massively underrated summer dessert, I decided to give it a go. I love the rich taste, and the fact that you get what’s basically an airy, custard-style ice cream, without having to use a machine. However, it all comes at a cost.

Cooking in Stilettos – Jazzed Up Ice Cream Bars

I learned a fabulous trick from Chef Ingrid Hoffmann. She once told me a story about how she was entertaining and for dessert, she brought out some store bought popsicles and had her guests dip them in a bit of rum and then press in a bit of coconut or other toppings for a grown up sweet treat. Who doesn’t love that, right?

Magnolia Days – Persimmon Gelato

It’s like the fruit itself with a mildly, delicate flavor. The texture is also light and airy, almost fluffy. It scoops with ease even after firming up in the freezer after churning. I let my husband taste it after churning and he was digging into it the moment I gave the go-ahead to eat. It was all gone within a few days…

Dragons and Fairy Dust – Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Recipe

On a hot day there is nothing nicer than ice cream served outside in a dish. The great thing about ice cream is it comes in so many flavours, there is one to suit everyone. When I was little I used to love tutti frutti ice cream. The vanilla ice cream with fruit and nuts running though it was fascinating. I loved trying to identify the different fruits, pineapple, cherry, raisins and many more. Every mouthful was different, you never knew what flavours you might encounter next. These days it seems tutti frutti ice cream has fallen out of favour. I haven’t seen it in shops for years. Even ice cream parlours seem to neglect this flavour. This weekend I decided I was going to make my own tutti frutti ice cream and see if it was as tasty as I remembered.

Neighbor Food – 3 Ingredient Creamsicle Ice Cream Floats

Ice cream. Orange Juice. 7 Up. That’s it. And it’s glorious. Refreshing, cool, creamy, bubbly. You can customize it to be more orangey or more creamy. You can use Sprite instead of 7-Up or choose a super pulpy orange juice (my favorite) to coat the ice cream.

Of course, don’t forget the Italian frozen treats recipe ebook from Manu’s Menu…

From our list, which ones is your favourite?

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  1. Alison says:

    Lovely selection and thanks for linking me
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      Thanks for the comment Alison, really liked your recipe idea and just had to share it!