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Take A Cooking Class And Boost Your Culinary Skills

Have you been thinking about improving your culinary skills?  It’s something I’ve been thinking about as I know I could do a lot better. With September approaching, which means kids going back to school, now could be a good time to book a cooking class. Unless you live in close proximity to a cookery school or you have - read more
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Not Tried Halloumi Yet? These Recipes Will Show You What You’re Missing!

By - posted in Cheese
Halloumi cheese is one those things you heard about but perhaps never got round to trying. Today I’m hoping to fix that! However, we should take a look and find out what Halloumi is exactly. According to the ever helpful Wikipedia Halloumi is, “…a semi-hard, unripened brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and - read more

Five Great Pizza Recipes That Are Too Good To Miss!

By - posted in Pizza
A well made pizza is a thing of beauty. Simple toppings with great flavours. Not heaps of ingredients that end up making the base all soggy. There’s no excuse for it. We’ve had a rather long time to perfect the pizza. After all, it was mentioned back in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in - read more

Chicken Lollipop Dippers From Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics

By - posted in Chicken
As you may know, Jamie Oliver has a new book out – Super Food Family Classics. It’s currently a best seller on Amazon. While that may seem good news for Jamie, he recently became a Dad again with his fifth child which I’m sure surpasses the cookbook’s success by a long way! In the video above, Jamie shows us to - read more

Make this Weekend Sausage Party Time!

By - posted in Sausages
The latest animated film, Sausage Party, has hit the big screens. But here’s a warning, it’s for adults only! Want to know why? Check out the trailer here but ensure there’s no little people trying to sneak a look – or easily offended bosses looking over your shoulder if you’re reading this at work! As - read more

5 Great Rhubarb Jam Recipes, In Case You Have Any Left!

By - posted in Jam
You would of thought there wasn’t too many variations on the traditional rhubarb jam recipe. However, food bloggers know better and there are loads of exciting recipes to try out. A search of the web reveals some of the many different creative ideas that are out there. Officially the season for rhubarb is over but - read more

The Olympics, Pimms And Some Really Great Ideas

By - posted in Summer Drinks
Just how well is the UK Olympics team doing right now? Amazingly well!!! Gold medals won by Adam Peaty, Mo Farah and Helen Glover – just to name a few! Silver medals are now hanging around the necks of competitors like Bryony Page, Jazmin Carlin and Louis Smith. Not forgetting those with Bronze medals like Edward Ling and Steven - read more

Sangria: The Ideal Party Drink For Friends Family And Summer!

By - posted in Summer Drinks
Summer for many is a chilled glass of Sangria. Small chunks of fruit with red wine, sugar (or something else sweet like honey) and something to boost the alcohol content, like gin or brandy. Lounging around on the patio with a full glass is what summertime is all about! You can serve the Spanish drink - read more

Three Exciting Potato Salads You Need To See!

By - posted in Potatoes
Potato salad is the quick and easy side dish that everyone loves to put on the table in the summer. Goes great with BBQ meat, fish and grilled veggies. It’s one of those versatile recipes that takes minutes to make and everyone likes. What could be simpler that boiling some spuds, drain and tip into - read more

Mojito! Essential Summertime Ideas!

By - posted in Summer Drinks
It’s time to talk about Mojito, the summertime beverage that was born in Havana, Cuba. Yes I know it’s a Monday and talking about Alcoholic drinks this early in the week might seem strange. But are we not all all adults here and fully aware of the need to drink responsibly? Besides it’s summer and sitting outside enjoying - read more

Are These The Best Courgette Recipes Ever?

By - posted in Recipes
I adore courgettes, there’s something about the flavour that I really like. One of my favourite things to do with them is to cut them into sticks, much like chips. I then marinate them briefly with olive oil, various herbs (thyme, rosemary etc) and finally some some sea salt and a sprinkle of pepper. After - read more

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