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Cauliflower Cheese, Everyone’s Favourite At Any Time Of The Year!

If you are a regular reader here, then you’ll know that I really REALLY like cauliflower! I guess my favourite thing to make with them is cauliflower cheese. Though I got to admit, I do like making a spicy hot curry with them from time to time. However, for today, I’ll be sticking with cauliflower cheese recipes, nice - read more
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Scary Halloween Treats For The Little Ghouls In Your Life!

Halloween is a great time for grown-ups, especially for those who love to cook! It’s a fab excuse to get in the kitchen and be at your creative best. Kids love it because they get to eat the scary stuff you’ve made! There’s plenty of great recipes out there and this site has mentioned plenty of them. You - read more

Nigel Slater’s Beef And Beer Casserole – A Perfect Weekend Warmer

This weekend, I want you to try a dish from Nigel Slater. It’s a perfect weekend warmer that’s full of flavour and really not that difficult to make. And best of all it’s got beer in it! I picked his beef and beer recipe because of the simplicity of the ingredients but also because it’s not your - read more

Are These Trendy Food Ideas ‘Amazing’ Or Just Plain Interesting?

You gotta love food magazines, they’re always telling us which trendy food we need to be eating. Often with claims that it’s something you need in your life right now and that it’s ‘going to go viral‘ if it hasn’t already. You see titles that include phrases like, “…it’s breaking the internet…‘ or “…you will - read more

Sorry James Martin But You Haven’t Made Cassoulet!

Today, while enjoying my first cup of tea of the day, I saw on Facebook an update by Chef James Martin. It mentioned his latest recipe for ASDA – the French classic, cassoulet. If you’re not aware, I currently live in France so his recipe really interested me. I love cassoulet, especially when it’s made correctly. The French - read more

More Lovely Dishes You Can Make With Pumpkins!

It’s time for more pumpkin recipes! I’ve tried to avoid the standard soup, bread and cake ideas and instead I have some alternatives for you to try. My first post on pumpkins featured Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo which had three great recipes from them. I now have three more ideas, in video form,  from very creative chefs that - read more

Amazing Chicken Recipes You Don’t Really Want To Miss!

Are you thinking about roasting a whole chicken this weekend? While that is a splendid idea, there’s much more you can do. For starters, you could dig out your slow cooker that’s been hiding all summer. Feel the need to hold a handle? There’s plenty of pan/skillet recipes that you could be trying out. I’m - read more

Sweeter Flavours To Sweeten Your Little Ones

Many parents up and down the country struggle to get their kids to eat healthy choices. Lots of people worry their little ones aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables. This can be true, but children generally need smaller portions than adults. It’s important not to get stressed at the table as this can - read more

Need Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Recipes? Three Great Ideas From Jamie Oliver

As you may of noticed, it’s October and that means there’s going to be nothing but pumpkin and butternut squash recipes everywhere you go! I will do my best to save you from some of the more bizarre ideas but I will be featuring a few of the more sane looking ones. What I want to do - read more

Happiness Is A Hot Bowl Of Soup On A Chilly Day

In my part of the world, the mornings are getting colder and afternoon temperatures are getting lower. It’s the time of year when I start turning to soups to keeps me warm, especially after I’ve been on a long bike ride. The beauty of soups is that they can range from the simple to the complicated. You can - read more