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Inspiring Ideas For Your Vegetarian Christmas Menu!

How are you getting on with planning a vegan or vegetarian Christmas? Have you got family members or friends who are leading a meat-free lifestyle? Are you having trouble deciding what to cook for them? Well, I’ve been researching the Intertubes and along the way I found some inspiration I think you’re gonna like. I’m not - read more
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Something Extra For Christmas – Mary Berry’s Mincemeat And Orange Tarts

Today, I’m featuring a video where Mary Berry lovingly creates mincemeat and orange tarts. She makes them with orange flavoured pastry that’s really easy to do. For an extra special mince pie, she adds dried chopped apricots to the mincemeat and tops off each one with grated marzipan. Christmas and Mary Berry, what a great combination! By - read more

Celebrate Christmas With A Glass Of Eggnog!

Right, it’s time for a Christmas drink. We’re going to take a look at eggnog! If you’re having bit of a giggle about this, then please don’t. Right now it’s a very popular search term on Google. It seems that Americans and Canadians love it, and a version of eggnog is very popular with the people - read more

Christmas Roast Potato Recipes You Need To Know

A traditional Christmas dinner requires perfectly cooked roast potatoes – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Of course, each chef and cook have their own ideas of how spuds should be prepared and cooked. What’s important at the end of the day is how good they taste. Flavour plays a huge part in the - read more

Planning A Gluten-Free Christmas Is Easier Than You Would Think

As Christmas is now well and truly on the way, we wanted to show you just how easy planning a gluten-free Christmas can be. We recently showed you how to make a gluten-free Christmas cake and how simple it is. So we thought that we would carry on the Christmas theme with some tips for - read more

The Gluten Free Christmas Cake Everyone Will Love

OK, it’s December and I can now officially start talking about Christmas. So let’s kick off with what for many is the the most important festive item on the menu, the Christmas cake. However, spare a thought for those that can’t process gluten, will they feel left out if they can’t eat your carefully crafted - read more

Jack Daniels As An Ingredient? Sure, Here’s Three Great Reason Why…

Should you use Jack Daniels as an ingredient? For that matter, should whisky be used at all? Some may argue that it’s wasted when used in a recipe. But is it really? After all, we use good quality red and white wines in recipes. I think it should be used where it enhances the dish and - read more

Grab Your Toaster, Even More Great Ideas For Sweet Potato Toast!

At the beginning of last October, I mentioned how sweet potato toast was becoming the latest new ‘thing’ (Grab Your Toaster, It’s Time You Made Sweet Potato Toast). It has become much more that than now, for example Instagram is full of great ideas with gorgeous pictures. The ‘sweet potato toast’ idea has been around for - read more

Three Great Recipes That People Will Thank You For Making

The weekend is nearly upon us once again, and it’s time for some super dishes for you to check out. The only thing that these great recipes have in common is that they are just lovely! On a personal whim, I decided you needed to know about them, but I don’t think you’ll be complaining! In - read more

Gennaro’s Authentic Italian Sausage Risotto

Have you ever tried making risotto with sausage meat? Sausage Risotto is something I’ve wanted to try but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. This great video from Gennaro Contaldo demonstrates how it’s done. And I must say, I never thought of making the risotto with the sausage meat right at the start. He - read more