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Mary Berry’s Amazing Desserts, 5 Recipes To Inspire You!

Another post featuring Mary Berry is well overdue. She is one of the nation’s most favourite TV chefs and was the mainstay of the Great British Bake Off.  Well technically she is currently the mainstay but she’s quit the show and this will be her last season of ‘Bake Off. I’ve mentioned many of her recipes - read more
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The Latest Craze From South Africa – Coffee In A Cone

The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa, has started a brand new craze – coffee in a cone. The barista mastermind behind this coffee confection is Dayne Levinrad. It has become an Instagram hit and The hashtag (#coffeeinacone) has over 1,500 posts. The idea seems to have originated back in January with quite a few sites - read more

Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings Are Perfect For Any Day Of The Week!

There’s nothing more traditionally British than a Sunday roast with Yorkshire Puddings. And it doesn’t matter how good the roast is, what is important is that the gravy and the yorkshire puddings are just right. It’s almost like the ultimate test of a home cook, if you can conquer the humble pudding – you can cook - read more

How To Make Perfect Popcorn For Great Movie Nights At Home

So you’re getting ready for a movie night at home. The film is all queued up and ready to go.  The room is darkened, the drinks are at the ready and the treats have been placed in to suitable receptacles. I don’t mean any old treat, the only thing you should be snacking on during - read more

How To Cook The Perfect Steak With Donald Russell

Donald Russell is a fine purveyor of meats, poultry and fish. Just take a look at their website and online store and see their huge range of products. They also have really good video guides on cooking. In fact, quite possibly some of the best. I’ve included one of their videos below, head chef Stefan Kölsch’s cooking one of - read more

Stunning Rice Dishes That You Will Want To Cook!

As it’s rice week, I thought these three amazing dishes should be brought to your attention. They’ve been created by experienced and talented food bloggers. Their ideas show that there’s a heck of alot more you can do with rice than simply boiling it and plonking it on a plate. You may think of it of as a - read more

Rice Week: Do It Better With A Pressure Cooker!

  Did you know it’s rice week this week? Far as I can tell, it’s an international celebration that, for 2016, is between 19th to 25th September. We have covered recipes that feature rice before (click here to check out our archive) but today I have a very useful infographic you need to see. It has plenty - read more

Classic Potato Dishes That Still Look Great On A Plate!

A potato is a wonderfully versatile thing. You can bake it in the oven, turn it into chips or use it in pancakes and curries. But you can also do rather fancy things with a spud. Ever watched Masterchef and seen delicious roast beef served with gratin dauphinois? You gotta admit, the whole thing looks great and the dauphinois looks every bit as good - read more

Enjoy Summer’s End With These Creative Blackberry Recipes

I have great memories of being a kid and going out with my family to go fruit picking. We would try and fill the plastic bags that we carried with as many blackberries as possible but the thorny bushes would always make it difficult. Even a half full bag would feel like a triumph! While - read more

Stop Stressing Over ‘Bake Off, Get In The Kitchen With Paul Hollywood Instead

There’s still a lot of commotion over The Great British Bake Off, Mel and Sue have left the show and it looks like Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will do the same. While things are still up in the air about the celebrity chefs futures, I thought some videos of Paul baking bread might help a bit - read more